What We Believe

We believe in:

  1. The full inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, their authority and sufficiency as not only containing, but being in themselves, the inerrant Word of God; the reliability of the New Testament in its testimony to the Character and Authorship of the Old Testament; and the need of the teaching of the Holy Spirit to a true and spiritual understanding of the whole;  the Holy Scriptures both in the original Hebrew and Greek are accepted as inspired and authoritative and the Authorised Version as being the most exact translation at this time.

(2 Timothy 3 v 16)

  • One Living and True God                     (Jeremiah 10 v 10)

Self-existent                                          (John 5 v 26)

Omnipotent                                           (Matthew 19 v 26)

Omnipresent                                         (Jeremiah 23 v 23-24)

Omniscient                                            (Psalm 147 v 15)

Eternal Creator of all things                (Genesis 1 v 1)

We believe in the unity of the Godhead and the Divine co-equality of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; the sovereignty of God in Creation, Providence and Redemption.

  • Three equally Divine and distinct persons in the Godhead- the FATHER, the SON, and the HOLY GHOST.

(Matthew 28 v 19)

We believe in the true and proper deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.  His virgin birth. His real and perfect manhood. The authority of His teaching, and the infallibility of all His utterances.  His work of atonement for sinners of mankind by His vicarious sufferings and death.  His bodily resurrection, and His ascension into heaven.  His present priestly intercession for His people.  The personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ in glory.

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